The water service in the meadow of La Zubia was carried out by means of the development of a system of irrigation canals. Two are remarkable: Acequia Gorda and Acequia del Genital. Both of them bring water from the outside into the village and this essential element is diversified into different networks with the aim of supplying water to all the village. To be able to overcome the incline of the topography of the area, we can find a system of aqueducts placed in La Negra Cliff. Its origin might be Arab.

At present, only three parts of the aqueducts have been preserved. These aqueducts, made of mud bricks and with a rounded arch in the middle, enabled the existence of the irrigation canal in its top.

The water service is also possible thanks to a series of elements, with an Arab origin, such as the albercas (small bodies of standing water) and the aljibes (holes drilled into the earth to obtain water). All these elements set up a hydraulic network which shows us how important water was for the Muslim people living in the area.

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