ARAB BATHS (17th -18th centuries)

The Arab Baths in La Zubia are a perfect example of the rural baths that are found in the region of Granada. They preserve two of their three rooms: the caldarium, the hot water room, and the tepidarium, the warm water room. The frigidarium, the hall as well as the woodshed are partially kept.

The hypocaust, which is the heating system for the hot water room, deserves a remark.

In a good state of preservation, it is formed by a series of cone-shaped, brick-built pillars which arrange all the inner space of the room.

The rooms are covered by independent barrel vaults where we can find a series of skylights, some of which have kept the original star-like shape. The period flooring is also noteworthy. It allows us to contemplate the remains of the old dormitories and the sewage pipe that went through the hot water room.

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