The Hermitage of Saint Peter is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional religious architecture. This hermitage is featured by the purity of its structural lines, its simple shapes and the brightness of the building. We can find inside authentic jewels, some of which are from the Alonso Cano School, like the saint’s picture.

The influence of this kind of buildings in villages like La Zubia should be highly taken into consideration. In the case of La Zubia, the influence was so notorious that even its surrounding neighbourhood was named after the hermitage: Saint Peter Neighbourhood.

For a long time, this hermitage played an important role in an unshakable custom among old people in La Zubia. However, in this case, the cross placed in the square plays the main role. Formerly, when dead people were taken into the cemetery, there was a stop in the square and their corpses were placed at the bottom of the cross to offer condolences to the family. As a consequence, the Hermitage of Saint Peter is considered a very significant and special place for all the residents of La Zubia.

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