VICTORIANO PERTÍÑEZ’S HOUSE (17th – 19th centuries)

La Zubia has a noble past which was brought to life by a group of stately houses as the Pertíñez’s house. This 17th century building shows the main features of those houses of old lineages who settled in the village as a consequence of the big repopulations that Philip II carried out after the Moriscos’ expulsion.

These large houses are featured by having a porticoed patio, around which all the rooms, designed in height, are placed. Along with this we should bear in mind different ornamental elements such as the flagstone pavements with geometrical motifs, the proliferation of openings and, mainly, the curved frame from the façade. All these elements are symbols which reinforce the presence of the nobility. There are other examples too as the coat of arms. We still can find several ones such as the coat of arms of the Montes Family, the one of the Fernández-Cortacero Family (placed in ‘La Casa Pintá’) or the coat of arms of the Ivero-Novoa Family (coming from La Huerta Iberos).

This house gets its name from the last tenant who lived in there, Victoriano Pertíñez Quesada. He was brigade of the regiment of artillery and he belonged to the temporary military group for civil services.

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